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What is a “Functional Capacity Test”?

A Functional Capacity Test is an extensive evaluation of a worker’s current functional abilities that is conducted by medically trained, professional and experienced Analyse Health consultants for both WorkCover NSW and Non-WorkCover related injuries, with the aim of providing meaningful functional capacity information about the injured worker that can be used to assist the injured worker’s rehabilitation and return to work.

Analyse Health’s Functional Capacity Tests can be utilised at multiple points in the rehabilitation process of an injured worker, from following initial injury occurrence, to assisting a treating party confirm diagnosis or prognosis, to a worker that has plateaued during recovery and needs assistance with treatment recommendations, right through to confirmation that a worker has fully recovered from their injury and is fit to return to pre injury duties.

What is the Difference Between Analyse Health’s “Functional Capacity Test” and a “Functional Capacity Test – Job Specific”?

In a Functional Capacity Test – Job Specific, Analyse Health provides in addition to the Functional Capacity Test inclusions, a detailed job task analysis. The job task analysis aims to identify the physical requirements of the worker’s role that can then be specifically tested during the Functional Capacity Test – Job Specific. This allows for the most accurate reflection of whether a worker is safe to complete work duties or which work duties are safest to complete at what stage of the rehabilitation process.

Our Functional Capacity Tests include:

  • A detailed worksite job task analysis (This inclusion is only included in Functional Capacity Tests – Job Specific)
  • Functional capacity testing for all types of incurred injuries
  • Medical history screening
  • Current symptomology reporting
  • Current treatment review
  • Cardiovascular screening (heart rate at rest, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring under load)
  • Height, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) analysis
  • Range of motion of associated injury site analysis
  • Resisted muscle testing of associated injury site
  • Neural tension testing (if indicated)
  • Functional lifting tolerances
  • Functional task completion testing
  • Recommendations within report including:
    • Current functional capacity
    • Confirmation of diagnosis and prognosis
    • Confirmation of treatment requirements to achieve prognosis timeframe
    • Other functional / work related recommendations pending identified information from test.

Benefits of a Functional Capacity Test or a Functional Capacity – Job Specific Test include:

  • Assist all parties with confirming diagnosis, prognosis, treatment requirements, current work capacity and a progression plan for work capacity increases to pre injury duties capacity
  • All compensable expenses are paid for by the Workers’ Compensation Insurer, not the employer
  • Using a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider for Functional Capacity Testing of injured employees who are under a Workers’ Compensation claim can result in a discount to the employer’s Worker’s Compensation premium. Conditions apply and the discount is calculated at the Insurer’s discretion. Signing up with Analyse Health as an employer’s Preferred Workplace Rehabilitation Provider for Workers’ Compensation claims is fee free
  • Independent, professionally qualified allied health professionals provide functional capacity information
  • Analyse Health is able to complete a medical case conference with all relevant stakeholders post testing to confirm the outcome of the test.

Benefits of a Functional Capacity Test – Job Specific only include:

  • Identify the requirements of the injured worker’s pre injury role against the current identified capacity and future capacity following the injury
  • Analyse Health is able to assist the treating parties to understand the job demands for the injured worker in terms of the functional capacity identified.

Potential negative effects of not using a Functional Capacity Test or Functional Capacity Test – Job Specific include:

  • Delaying recovery of the injured worker
  • Delaying return to work on suitable or pre injury duties
  • By delaying recovery and return to work, there are increased costs to the claim and or business which may result in an increase to the business’ workers’ compensation premium
  • Possible completion of incorrect treatment options or over servicing the injured worker in a field of treatment that is no longer relevant to the SMART rehabilitation plan.

The main potential negative effect of using Analyse Health’s Functional Capacity Test over Analyse Health’s Functional Capacity Test – Job Specific is that our standard Functional Capacity Test is a reflection of general functional ability and may not reflect the ability of the worker to complete all of their work specific duties for their current employment role and site.

  • Analyse Health assessments are fast, reliable, cost effective and available to be completed on site or externally depending on the requirements of the worker or your business’ preferred method
  • Analyse Health’s Functional Capacity Tests include a clear and concise report provided within four (4) business days of assessment
  • Analyse Health can complete both the functional capacity test and medical case conference within five (5) business days (pending all parties’ availability for case conference).

Analyse Health’s Functional Capacity Tests when conducted under a compensable WorkCover NSW Workers’ Compensation claim, are fee free for the Employer as all Analyse Health service costs are billed to the insurance company. If you wish for Analyse Health to conduct non-compensable rehabilitation services with your company, then cost of services will be provided to you for your review prior to commencement of the desired service.

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Please note that for compensable services (related to a WorkCover claim), travel will be charged from our base in Mount Annan, NSW at an hourly rate, or at a rate negotiated between Analyse Health and the Customer pending their location and service needs. (Pending service type and legislative requirements as per each state and national legislation).

For non-compensable services (not related to a WorkCover claim), travel will not be charged for services conducted within a 25km radius of Mount Annan, NSW or when five or more services are conducted at one location. In the event of services being conducted outside the 25km radius of Mount Annan, NSW, travel charges will be negotiated before the service is conducted.

Analyse Health is a Macarthur based business that focuses on servicing areas such as Camden, Campbelltown, Narellan, Mount Annan, Oran Park, Smeaton Grange, Picton, Leumeah, Minto, Ingleburn and all surrounding areas of the Macarthur region. We understand our local community!

We also service daily Sydney metro areas including Penrith, Liverpool, Castle Hill, Parramatta, North Sydney and its suburbs. Our services are provided around NSW within the WorkCover NSW jurisdictions.

Analyse Health travel to you or locations that suit our clients the most. When we are all about workplace health and safety, the best place for us to provide our services is in your workplace.

This is at the discretion of the Insurer but all compensable expenses are paid for by the Workers’ Compensation Insurer and not the employer.

If you wish for Analyse Health to conduct non-compensable Functional Capacity Test services with your company, then cost of services will be provided to you for your review prior to commencement of the desired service.

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