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$100/workstation/person + travel inc GST (see below for details)

What is a “Ergonomic Assessment”?

An Analyse Health Ergonomic Assessment is an extensive analysis and implementation of an employee’s working environment such as a desk, office, vehicle or other locations that is designed to ensure staff and their work habits are safe and sustainable in the correct postures for their role and body types.

No two staff members are physically the same. Therefore, no two workstations should be set up the same. At Analyse Health, we aim to ensure that employees are comfortable and appropriately supported by their environment to complete their roles effectively and without exposure to injury. Be that suddenly or over time.

Analyse Health realises that ergonomics needs to be taken out of the standard desk assessment and into the entire workplace. Not only should office staff be able to benefit from the most effective ergonomic posture, but also factory staff, sales reps and jack of all trades employees. Analyse Health can assess staff member’s physical attributes, and compare that to the environment in which they need to complete their role. Then make the best adjustments, additional equipment requirements and recommendations to ensure they too are in the most effective ergonomic posture. This service also includes training of staff to use the new equipment recommended and how to readjust their set up if it is used by multiple staff members on different shifts.

By using Analyse Health’s Ergonomic Assessments, results can occur such as a reduced rate of workers’ compensation claims, reduced staff sick leave days taken and improved productivity as staff are appropriately matched to the physical requirements of the role they are employed to complete.

Each of our Ergonomic Assessments are conducted by our professionally qualified and experienced consultants.

Ergonomic Assessments can also be referred to as Ergonomic Evaluations, Workstation Assessments, Ergo Assessments, Desk Evaluations, Workstation Evaluations, Ergonomic Desk Assessments, Vehicle Ergonomic Assessments and Vehicle Ergonomic Evaluations.

Our Ergonomic Assessment Basic Program includes the below items. Additional individual requirements are also available at additional costs:

  • Complete workstation review and assessment
  • Modification to existing workstation set up using current equipment
  • A report that includes initial set up, modified set up following the assessment and ongoing recommendations for additional equipment / self-management within three (3) days of assessment
  • The report includes photographic evidence of postural changes made
  • Training of staff to use the workstation equipment correctly

Benefits of using Ergonomic Assessments include:

  • Reduce Workers’ Compensation claims for your business
  • By reducing claims made against your WorkCover insurance, your premium will reduce / remain unchanged
  • Reduce need for workers to take sick leave
  • Safer work environment
  • Improved employee morale

Potential negative effects of not using Ergonomic Assessments can include:

  • Risk of employees developing overuse injuries due to poor posture resulting in a worker’s compensation claim
  • Increased use of sick leave to allow workers to rest if developing aches and pains from work postures
  • Potential increased financial costs to business through WorkCover insurance premium hikes, additional recruitment costs to cover injured employees and reduced productivity during employee absenteeism
  • Analyse Health assessments are fast, reliable, cost effective and available to be completed on site or externally depending on your preferred method
  • Analyse Health Ergonomic Assessments are customisable to your business needs. They can include or exclude, Desk / Office, Vehicle and other workplace activities or operations. Depending on your business’ requirements and budget, we can tailor our assessments to best meet your business needs
  • Analyse Health is able to complete comparison periodic assessments of your employees to ensure they continue to utilise the skills and modifications made to their work station and habits from past assessments. Or to build on the past modification and work towards an even more ergonomic set up for the worker.

Our Analyse Health Ergonomic Assessment Basic Program is $100 Incl GST Per Workstation Per Person + Travel*.

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For non-compensable services (not related to a WorkCover claim), travel will not be charged for services conducted within a 25km radius of Mount Annan, NSW or when five or more services are conducted at one location. In the event of services being conducted outside the 25km radius of Mount Annan, NSW, travel charges will be negotiated before the service is conducted.

For compensable services (related to a WorkCover claim), travel will be charged from our base in Mount Annan, NSW at an hourly rate, or at a rate negotiated between Analyse Health and the Customer pending their location and service needs. (Pending service type and legislative requirements as per each state and national legislation).

Prices are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Analyse Health.

Analyse Health is a Macarthur based business that focuses on servicing areas such as Camden, Campbelltown, Narellan, Mount Annan, Oran Park, Smeaton Grange, Picton, Leumeah, Minto, Ingleburn and all surrounding areas of the Macarthur region. We understand our local community!

We also service daily Sydney metro areas including Penrith, Liverpool, Castle Hill, Parramatta, North Sydney and its suburbs. Our services are provided around NSW within the WorkCover NSW jurisdictions.

Analyse Health travel to you or locations that suit our clients the most. When we are all about workplace health and safety, the best place for us to provide our services is in your workplace.

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