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$66/person + travel inc GST (see below for details)

What is a “Drug and Alcohol Screening”?

A Drug and Alcohol Screening is the process of reviewing the fitness for work of an individual in regards to their use of illicit or prescribed drugs and or alcohol. By completing screenings on a regular and or random basis in conjunction with pre-employment screenings, employers can reduce the risk to other employees and customers of an incident occurring.

These assessments are quick and easily completed by trained Analyse Health consultants. Much like a random breath or drug test completed by NSW police, these tests can identify an individual under the influence. It is then up to the employer to determine if further laboratory testing is required and how a non-negative screening result is handled.

Testing takes a matter of minutes and results are reviewed by trained Analyse Health consultants who will professionally conduct testing at your location.

Drug and Alcohol Screenings can also be referred to as Drug Tests, Workplace Breath Testing, Workplace Drug Tests, Random Drug Testing, Employee Drug Test and Employee Alcohol Test.

Our Drug test is conducted by an oral swab that collects a saliva sample. This is done by inserting the swab into the mouth for one to three minutes until the swab has softened. The swab is then removed from the mouth, inserted into a collection container where the analysis then takes place. Approximately ten minutes after the swab is inserted into the collection container, the container then gives a result. Our Alcohol test is performed in a very similar manner to a Police Random Breath Test. This involves counting from one to ten into a Breathalyzer where breath will be assessed for alcohol content which will then provide a positive or negative reading.

Our Standard Drug and Alcohol Screenings test for the following:

  • Alcohol
  • THC (Marijuana)
  • Opiates (Heroin, Morphine, Codeine and derivatives of opium poppy)
  • Amphetamines (Speed)
  • Cocaine
  • Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Mogadon – prescription sedatives)
  • Methamphetamines (Ice, Ecstasy)
For all Drug and Alcohol testing to be conducted, employers are required to have a "Drug and Alcohol Policy" within their company which states the employer's actions in the event that an employee is drug or alcohol tested with a non-negative test outcome. Examples of this could include immediate employment termination or suspension from the workplace until a confirmatory blood test is conducted by a local pathology centre. Suspension of the employee, may follow with a referral to the company's employee assistance program whereby counselling is completed pending report from the councillor as to whether the employee is reinstated.

Our Standard Drug and Alcohol Screenings include the below items. Additional testing is also available at additional costs:

  • Saliva drug screening that complies with AS4760:2006 testing for drug types listed above
  • Breath analysis for Alcohol using breathalyser certified to AS3547 type 2
  • Testing can be done in conjunction with a pre-employment physical screening or as random testing
  • Testing can be done following an incident as part of a post incident report
  • Additional testing also available at additional costs

Benefits of using Drug and Alcohol Screenings include:

  • Ensuring compliance with all regulatory bodies regarding the operation of machinery and motor vehicles whilst under the influence of drugs and or alcohol
  • Ensuring safe work completion and reducing the risk of injury or worse of workers, clients, customers and members of the public
  • Reduce Workers’ Compensation claims for your business
  • By reducing claims made against your WorkCover insurance, your premium increases will reduce / remain unchanged
  • Safer work environment
  • Improved recruitment process and employee sustainability

Potential negative effects of not using Drug and Alcohol Screenings can include:

  • Hiring an employee with a drug and or alcohol misuse issue may result in a workplace injury that you the new employer become liable for
  • By not confirming a new employee is not misusing drugs and or alcohol and allowing them to complete work on your machinery, you risk fines, deregistration and become forced to shut down by SafeWork pending the extent of the breach
  • Potential increased financial costs to your business through WorkCover insurance premium hikes, additional recruitment costs to cover injured employees or replacement of employees deemed unfit for work due to drug and or alcohol misuse and reduced productivity during employee absenteeism
  • Analyse Health assessments are fast, reliable, cost effective and available to be completed on site or externally depending on your preferred method
  • Analyse Health Drug and Alcohol screenings are customisable to your business needs. Meaning, they can be done as just a drug screening or just an alcohol screening
  • Analyse Health can complete drug and alcohol screenings in conjunction with pre-employment physical screenings, at random times as provided by management teams, periodic workplace checks, or following a workplace incident / injury

Our Standard Analyse Health Drug and Alcohol Screenings are $66 Incl GST Per Person + Travel*.

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For non-compensable services (not related to a WorkCover claim), travel will not be charged for services conducted within a 25km radius of Mount Annan, NSW or when five or more services are conducted at one location. In the event of services being conducted outside the 25km radius of Mount Annan, NSW, travel charges will be negotiated before the service is conducted.

For compensable services (related to a WorkCover claim), travel will be charged from our base in Mount Annan, NSW at an hourly rate, or at a rate negotiated between Analyse Health and the Customer pending their location and service needs. (Pending service type and legislative requirements as per each state and national legislation).

Prices are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Analyse Health.

Analyse Health is a Macarthur based business that focuses on servicing areas such as Camden, Campbelltown, Narellan, Mount Annan, Oran Park, Smeaton Grange, Picton, Leumeah, Minto, Ingleburn and all surrounding areas of the Macarthur region. We understand our local community!

We also service daily Sydney metro areas including Penrith, Liverpool, Castle Hill, Parramatta, North Sydney and its suburbs. Our services are provided around NSW within the WorkCover NSW jurisdictions.

Analyse Health travel to you or locations that suit our clients the most. When we are all about workplace health and safety, the best place for us to provide our services is in your workplace.

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