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As an Employer, you have a responsibility by law to ensure the safety of your workers in the workplace. A task that can be difficult and time consuming for you the employer. You may also have workplace injuries sustained by your employees and not understand the process of WorkCover. You may also just wish to assist a worker who was injured outside of work to maintain an income and a role within your business because they have a valued skill set you require in your business.

Whatever the situation, Analyse Health can assist you, the employer, to overcome the obstacles and improve your business’s bottom line by keeping your employees in the workplace safe, healthy and well.

What Services Does Analyse Health Provide That Can Help My Business?

Analyse Health is an Occupational Health and Rehabilitation Consulting business. We specialise in Workplace Rehabilitation, Work, Health and Safety, Occupational Health and Wellbeing, and Clinical Physiotherapy Services.

Analyse Health provides services for all businesses occupational health and workplace rehabilitation needs such as Same Employer Return to Work Case Management, Ergonomic Assessments – Desk / Vehicle / Other (AKA Ergonomic Evaluations or Workstation Assessments), Pre Employment Screenings (AKA Pre Employment Testing or Pre Employment Checks), Drug and Alcohol Screenings, Functional Capacity Tests, Functional Upgrading Programs, Activities of Daily Living Assessments, Manual Handling Training, Employer WorkCover NSW Obligations Education and Training, Health and Wellbeing Seminars, On Site Warm Up Programs and more.

For further information on our services, click here or feel free to call us on (02) 4600 5840.

Analyse Health is a Macarthur based business that focuses on servicing areas such as Camden, Campbelltown, Narellan, Mount Annan, Oran Park, Smeaton Grange, Picton, Leumeah, Minto, Ingleburn and all surrounding areas of the Macarthur region. We understand our local community!

We also service daily Sydney metro areas including Penrith, Liverpool, Castle Hill, Parramatta, North Sydney and its suburbs. Our services are provided around NSW within the WorkCover NSW jurisdictions.

Analyse Health travel to you or locations that suit our clients the most. When we are all about workplace health and safety, the best place for us to provide our services is in your workplace.

Analyse Health can come to you and assess your workplace for you. We can then discuss with you the services that we recommend for your workplace and how your business can benefit from them. All it takes is just a quick phone call and we can get things rolling for you.

In the event that your Employee becomes injured at work, the first step that should take place is for medical treatment to be seeked if in the event of an emergency. The next step is then for you, the Employer to contact your Workers’ Compensation Insurer to notify them of your injured worker and to make a claim. The Insurer will then refer onto a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider like Analyse Health. In some cases, your injured worker may be referred onto us by your doctor, another allied health professional or even by yourself, the employer.

Once we have your injured worker’s contact details from the insurer, doctor, other allied health professional or yourself, one of our qualified and professional consultants will contact your injured worker to arrange a suitable time and place to meet with them.

Depending on the circumstances, the next step usually involves one of our consultants conducting an “Initial Assessment” on your injured worker to study their injuries, their role at work, what their current capabilities are and to set goals on how we can help their recovery and return to work.

If you are unsure if you ‘fit this criteria’, or you would like some further information please feel free to give us a call on (02) 4600 5840 and speak to one of our consultants. A quick phone call is of no expense and you can remain anonymous to us during such a call if you wish.

For further information as to what to expect from a workplace rehabilitation provider, click here to view these facts on the WorkCover NSW website.

As an Employer, it is stated by WorkCover NSW in the “Guidelines for workplace return to work programs” under Employer Obligations on page 4 that the employer must select and nominate approved workplace rehabilitation providers and that employers are required to develop a Return To Work (RTW) Program within twelve (12) months of becoming an employer.

At Analyse Health, we can help you develop a Return To Work Program and you can nominate us as your Preferred Provider.

If you would like to make Analyse Health your Preferred Provider, you can contact us on (02) 4600 5840 or complete our Preferred Provider Form and email it to us at or fax it to (02) 4744 2637. Upon receipt of your form, a confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm your registration with Analyse Health before any further steps are taken, followed by one of our consultants getting in contact with you to discuss the final details.

For you the Employer, this service when conducted under a compensable WorkCover claim, is fee free as all Analyse Health service costs are billed to your insurance company. If you wish for Analyse Health to conduct non-compensable rehabilitation services with your company, then cost of services will be provided to you for your review prior to commencement of the desired service.


Feel free to fill in the enquiry form below and Analyse Health will get in touch with you shortly to discuss further how we can assist you and or your workplace.



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